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PBI Publications has been creating, designing, and printing Biblical distance learning curriculum for three decades.

“Distance learning ought to be much more than sending a video
or tape lecture and giving tests.”

PBI distance learning curriculum unique learning method: 

What's Your Style Of Learning?

PBI’s unique curriculum is reading-based. Distance learning students do not sit through taped lectures, write pages of notes, and take multiple 'guess' tests.

Each PBI undergraduate course includes a 200-300 page textbook (graduate courses are 300-500 pages) accompanied by a colorful workbook. The high quality workbooks ask the student questions directly from the reading assignment and the Bible. Read - Write - Reinforce.   

A workbook with specific questions from the course textbook is completed by the student. In a sense, the student is ‘reverse outlining’ the book chapter. This increases comprehension and surpasses retention of test questions.

PBI courses are Biblically conservative:

Please review our Doctrine statement and the Available Courses.

Students love the courses! PBI course books are carefully selected from Biblically conservative, professional authors who have written on a focused subject. PBI combines the best in classic and contemporary writings. Courses present and expound on the Bible’s absolute truth - not man’s modernistic reasoning.

PBI distance learning curriculum unique grading method:

Grading by the school is made simple! Workbook answer keys provide the specific words that the student enters into the question blanks. Most people can grade one course in 20 minutes!

The graded workbook can form the foundation of the student score for the course. The undergraduate workbook uses very few, if any, essay questions. This allows the workbook grading to be accomplished objectively. Graduate courses do include some writing assignments.

Why? Essay questions and written papers are time consuming to grade. Essay questions require subjective thought and grading by the professor. Often this brings professor bias into a question that should be answered directly from the Bible. Grading essay questions necessarily encompasses more than the focused Biblical principles and knowledge being taught in the course.

PBI distance learning curriculum flexible term divisions:

PBI curriculum is designed to facilitate self-directed distance learners — especially those in a “year-round, start anytime” system. Homework and assessment occurs through workbook completion (see above).

PBI Distance Learning courses are designed around short increments of daily studies by the student. A student spending 20-30 minutes per day can usually complete a course in 2-3 weeks. PBI’s shorter course length moves the student to more frequent milestones thereby keeping the student encouraged and engaged.

PBI Distance Learning courses allow for great flexibility!

Some schools use them “off the shelf” as 2 credit-hour courses (in contrast to the usual 3 credit-hour courses). Others add lecture or writing assignments and offer them as 3 credit-hour courses.

Schools often use the courses in a “start anytime, study anywhere” format. Students work on one or two courses at a time and begin new courses immediately after finishing a course. Full-time students can easily complete 15 courses per year.

PBI distance learning curriculum in the classroom:

Yes! PBI Distance Learning courses can be used in the teacher-directed classroom.

Schools may use PBI courses as supplements to teacher lectures. When used in this way, PBI courses make the homework and grading portion of the teachers task easy. Teacher Kit’s can be purchased separately (for many courses) to help teacher lesson prep and lecture material.

Schools may also choose to bundle PBI courses to form a single subject. Ask us for help in choosing the most effective matches.

Schools using teacher-directed learning with online forums and discussions will find PBI courses ideal theological and ministry topics.

Self-contained, everything is included. PBI courses do not require any additional research books other than the KJV Bible — which is easily found online and in free desktop Bibles. PBI graduate courses use a specific study Bible (also sold by PBI).

PBI Publishing Services

PBI has printers suitable for small runs of 1-500 books on-demand. PBI can print your curriculum or provide you with prepared curriculum custom printed with your school colors and logo media. PBI is an expert in shipping books as well.

PBI uses the latest Mac computers loaded with Adobe software and design products. Printing is performed with high end Xerox color printers producing professionally finished products.


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