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Course & Delivery Details:
PBI ships a resource book and workbook (for each course ordered) to the Member School. School charges the student independently.

How The Courses Work: Teacher may lecture and assign homework in the workbook. Students are required to read the resource book. Quizzes, discussion questions, illustrations and more are provided in Teacher Kits (ordered separately).  More Detail...

Or, the teacher can conduct a distance learning school.

We've Made It Easy for you.

The student uses the KJV Bible and resource book to complete all workbook questions and exercises. The workbook is returned by the student to the Member School for scoring, then Member school returns graded workbook to the student.  


These courses are "class-ready" for the teacher when combined with the Teachers Kit. Lesson Plans, course background, quizzes & answer keys, grading keys for the homework, lecture discussion questions are prepared for the teacher.

Is It Right For Your School?  More Detail...
Course Listings

40 Core Undergraduate Courses   Catalog
Each of the 40 Core Courses have a Teacher's Kit available for $45. PBI recommends that a teacher kit be purchased for each course subject. (purchased separately - Teacher Guide, Quizzes, Answer Keys, more.)

Teacher Answer Key  $10 ea (ala carte) 

All Bible courses are prepared with the KJV Bible.


Student Books & Workbooks Only (Teacher Kits not available) are ideal for distance learning or classroom learning.  Details on distance learning...

Course Listings

Use for Distance Learning OR Classroom Learning:  PBI offers more than 100 correspondence courses for those interested in self-directed learning through your institution. 
 Undergraduate Courses - Catalog


All Bible courses are prepared with the KJV Bible.

PBI also offers eCourses. Courses are downloaded from your website. The book is read on the computer (or printed and read) and the workbook is completed by the student typing the answers. The workbook is then sent by email to the school to be graded. Save postage and time!

Product Pricing

$32-45 retail, $23-32 wholesale - plus shipping.  

 $57-59 retail, $42-45 wholesale - plus shipping.
(USA shipping only.)

Teacher Answer Keys:
$10 for each course.

Quantity Discounts - available only for Ship-to-School delivery.

10-19 copies, deduct $1 each *
20-29 copies, deduct $2 each
30-39 copies, deduct $3 each
40-49 copies, deduct $4 each
50+ copies, deduct $5 each

* This discount applies to single orders paid in advance with credit card or check.
** You may mix and match any number of titles to reach this total for your order.


To Order:  (888) 578-9332   Orders@pbipublications.com

1) Ordering: Member school places order online or by phone. School typically charges the student separately.

2) Shipping: In-stock orders received Monday-Wednesday are usually shipped in less than 24 hours. Ten day lead time required for more than 5 units.

3) Returns - A Member School may return new course books and materials within 20 days. Books must be in resalable condition, and a restocking fee of $7 must accompany the return.

To Order:  (888) 578-9332   Orders@pbipublications.com

Wholesale Institutional Accounts (only)