Overview & Account Setup

Two Types of Delivery for ALL wholesale institutional accounts:

1) Ship-to-School accounts for onsite inventory and/or use in the classroom.

~ ~ OR ~ ~

Direct-to-Student accounts for distance learning (USA delivery only).


Two Types of Accounts - Standard & Customized (with either type of delivery)

  1. 1. Standard Accounts - only $79. One-time account registration fee.

       Fee waived if initial order is $1000+.

  2. ~ ~ OR ~ ~

  3. 2. Customized Accounts - $299  One-time setup fee.

  4. Customized Account setup includes custom back cover of workbooks with Member School logo and address, printed return address labels with Member School address.

  5. Interactive ePDF courses will be coded with the Member school email address. When student clicks the “Submit Answers by Email” button it will go directly to the Member School.

    BONUS: Student mailing address database kept on behalf of Member School for shipment tracking, ASP catalog web page linked to Americart.com provided to Member School for easy website integration.

Delivery Details

  1. 1)Ship-to-School Accounts

Member school places order with PBI and all courses are shipped to the school by US mail or UPS. Please allow 10 days for PBI to fulfill your order.

  1. Low Cost! Each course includes at one or more resource books and a workbook (used for homework and assessment). The wholesale price for your school ranges from $20-$32 per undergraduate course and $42-45 for graduate courses. (A 35% Discount! AND, only $10 shipping.)

  2. Answer Keys and Teacher Kits available for Classroom settings.

  3. Wholesale & Quantity discount pricing makes this high quality program affordable.

~ ~ OR ~ ~

2) Direct-to-Student Accounts   (USA delivery only)  (aka Drop-Ship)

Member school receives student course orders and then places an order with PBI. PBI Publications ships the courses directly to the Member School student.

The member school receives completed workbooks from the student, handles grading and student records, and all other school administration.

  1. Course prices 35% off retail!

  2. Drop Shipping postage is $10 per order.


How Does The Direct-to-Student Shipping Work?

  1. BulletMember school advertises courses via their print catalog or internet

  2. BulletMember school students order courses directly from Member school.

  3. BulletStudent gives member school the money for the course.

  4. BulletMember school receives orders from online shopping cart (not real-time)

  5. BulletMember School confirms order, reviews transcript, keeps student records.

  6. BulletMember School processes student buyer credit card.

  7. BulletMember school receives completed workbooks from students and is responsible for  grading and returning to student.

  8. BulletMember school processes returns and returned mailings for wrong addresses.

  9. BulletMember school secures internet shopping cart. (Preferably with Americart.com.)

  10. BulletMember school secures merchant account to accept credit cards from Students.

Each Member school should have a school website with an online course catalog page. Patriot can provide the school with a pre-coded ASP catalog page with the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons. These buttons will send the student orders to an online shopping cart, Americart.com. The Member School should be set up with a secure shipping cart account at Americart.com (approximately $150/year). (Yes, we can coordinate with other shopping cart systems.) Member School needs a merchant account to accept credit cards and debit cards. These can be obtained through Authorize.net or Americart.com and dozens of other places.

How Do I Place My Orders To Be Shipped Direct-to-Student?

  1. BulletMember school shall place their order to fulfill their student’s order on PBI Publication’s wholesale order page. Member school places order with their debit card or credit card and submits the student’s shipping address. One order must be made for each student order (multiple courses per student are okay).

  2. BulletMember school payment is due concurrent with order and prior to Patriot processing.

  3. BulletIn-stock orders received Monday through Wednesdays are usually shipped in less than 24 hours. All Direct-to-Student orders are shipped via US Mail.

  4. BulletReturns - A Member School may return new course books and materials within 20 days. Books must be in resalable condition, and a restocking fee of $7 must accompany the return.



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Standard accounts

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Standard accounts

Customized Workbooks accounts $299